Wednesday, October 27, 2010

crafties galore!!

between work and getting ready for decembers craft fair and up keeping my etsy I really haven't had time for much else! Sales have been decent I'm up to 23 sales and I feel very accomplished! I make more out of etsy sales than anything though but that's ok.. At least people like my stuff enough to want to buy it at all :) - halloween is days away and I still have no plans :( for the second year in a row actually... Kinda odd not doing anything but I guess that's part of being an adult.. I'm 27 and have never been too much into partying but I do love dressing up :) - I guess I better get off of here and go back to crafts :) have a great night all!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

blogging from my phone

well I think I will be updating more on here because I got a new phone and the internet is superb so now I can get on here whenever the mood hits me and update :) more later - I have to get ready for work..