Thursday, April 14, 2011

2 days in a row!

yup dont adjust your monitors, i have updated two days in a row! *shocked gasp* lol - today was a normal day at work..spent 3 hours cleaning up someone elses mess and trying to do what i have to do in the little time i have to do it in.. rawr. - during lunch i did my ritual of crocheting :) was getting a good flow going then i hit a huge clump in the middle of my yarn ball..grrrr so i spent the last 20 mins of my lunch detangling it and im still not done.. will do that during my 15 min break tomorrow i guess. started not feeling good after lunch and still am not feeling too good... hoping to sleep it off...speaking of sleep i better get my butt to bed.. gotta get up at 6am.. hope i sleep better tonite than last night! later taters!


so still not updating this like i should.. just cant get the hang of it.. learned to crochet and have listed some items to my etsy... life is good :) not much else to say right now lol - will try better to update more often :)