Thursday, July 29, 2010

happy thursday!

its been a good week so far.. the only down side is that my batteries are dead in my camera and i cant take pics of any of the cute stuff ive created lately:*( tomorrow is payday so i am hoping to remedy that situation soon... gonna be busy until monday so maybe after then you will see my etsy get updated :) we are having a yardsale on saturday and ive got everything priced for that so yay! :) on sunday we have what is called summer bash and this year it is luau themed!! i just realized i have nothing to wear that is hawaiian themed.. *mini panic attack* i guess i will have to go shopping saturday after the yardsale and before i start cooking for summer bash.. - ugh. its 1:30pm i must get ready for work.. have a great night all!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

relaxing saturday :)

today was very relaxing :) woke up, watched some movies on tv, ate chinese food, made some hairclips and am watching more tv :) - the only bad thing that happened was that when i went to photograph my hairclips the batteries to my camera were dead :*( so i am going to have to get more tomorrow.. on the 31st i am having a yard sale and nothing is priced yet.. gonna have to do that tomorrow i guess when my hunny and i get back from shopping in augusta..dont really want to.. that means im gonna have to drag everything up from the basement ugh. i should go thru all my books too.. i only have about a million of them.. guess i should weed out the ones i dont read much.. i just hate to get rid of never know when you are going to want to read it again.. oh well. it needs to get done...

whelp i better get off of here for now.. more later :) byeee

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

happy tuesday!

greetings all! sorry for the lack of posting.. i am still getting used to blogging everyday again... i have been making hairclips in my spare time alot lately and my girlfriends boss is letting me put some at her work and in only a few days of them being up there i have sold 9 hairclips :) i am sooo excited! i wish that my etsy would do as well.. i only have 7 sales and i dont know why.. my prices are reasonable, im always posting new items, i ship fast and my stuff is adorable! i guess i have to be patient.. i will try..
- - - i am in a new treasury :) im quite excited about it too :) its a BNR and i think its only up for today.. here is the link so you can check it out :)

well i guess i better go for now and be a little productive on my last day off for the week.. have a great day all! :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

my day off

so today is my day off and it consisted of taking my signif. other to the dentist and photographing some rosaries and then i posted like 5 items to my etsy :) i wish my stuff would sell a little quicker because i have so much finished product that i cant really make anymore until its sold :*( its all reasonably priced and right now i have free shipping and free gift with $10 or more purchase until august 1st... so please check it out and pass it on because i would be eternally greatful :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

facebook page

im in a treasury!

hello all! sorry for the lack of posting! i was just featured in a treasury! check it out! its for all items pink :)