Sunday, January 2, 2011

omg an update!

yea so despite the fact i can update this thru my phone i see that i dont update often still lol -


my christmas was wonderful.. ive learned to love christmas this year.. before i could never get into it - this year i have a new girlfriend and she gives me a new lease on life and i find myself enjoying more things now..


my new years was wonderfully quiet :) we watched movies all night in bed and ate pizza for dinner :)


- ive been working on a special order for etsy.. 16 scrabble tile pendants! i need to finish it and mail it out next week.. been keeping me a little busy.. after that i need to post some items for valentines day! :) i have some awesome ideas and i hope to make them a reality soon :)

i guess i need to get some crafty things done.. or pretend to lol - have a great night all! :)